Doing more with Less:


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Table of Contents

Doing more with Less:

Trends in Orchard Spraying:


Making a spray application work:

Coverage and Droplet Size…

How big is a Micron?

Hydraulic Nozzles

Small Droplet Size:

Proptec rotary atomizers

Tower Sprayer Benefits

Hitting the target:

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Investigating application technology:

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Red Delicious Promalin Trial – 2000 East Wenatchee

Retain Trial - % Watercore

Retain - Starch

Gala Sizing Trial –East Wenatchee

Accel trial - Moxee

Post Bloom Thinning - Fuji

Post Bloom Thinning - Goldens

% Russett following post bloom thinning – Goldens Manson

Post Bloom Thinning - Gala


First trip to Yakima, blossom thinning trial!


Author: Tom Auvil